hanging your favorite hockey stick display that hockey stick to complete your collection

Hockey Stick Hangers


Hockey stick hangers are the inexpensive and flexible alternative to display cases.

Inexpensive is self explanatory. Flexible means stick orientation. Sticks look great displayed horizontally, vertically, at an angle, with blade up or blade down, curve in or curve out. A display with crossed sticks is always impressive. These options don't exist with cases and the "gun rack" type of display as gravity works against it.

cross mounting hockey sticks
Can you do this with racks or display cases?

Regarding display cases and racks, are you showing off the display case or the game-used hockey stick? Besides being inexpensive and mounting flexible, hangers are almost invisible. They put the attention where it should be - your collection!

floating a goalie stick on the wall
How is this goalie stick mounted?

Flexible means you can swap sticks out depending on your mood. It means you can take the game-wining stick down to let friends hold a piece of history.

Not all hangers are made equal. Some snap or clip type systems don't offer any protection while holding your limited-edition stick. They can actually scratch or chip the shaft. Some brackets are made of plastic which will not hold up to time and sun or constantly taking the stick down.

So, you ask, what hangers are "THE" hangers to buy? Check out where to purchase?